Daycare Hours:  Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM

The maximum number of daycare dogs is ten.

Animal Daycare & Boarding accepts all breeds, sizes & ages of dogs.
AD&B only accepts friendly, non-aggressive dogs.

We require proof of current vaccinations for Rabies, Parvo, Distemper.

We recommend dogs are vaccinated for Bordetella (kennels cough)
and receive a monthly preventative for canine lice.

Dogs in the daycare program are given treadmill sessions as needed.
We meet dogs all the time with little or no dog socialization.  This is not a problem, because here at Animal Daycare & Boarding dogs learn that dogs make good play partners.  They also learn this is a safe place, humans are the pack leaders & how the pack works.  Many dogs make positive behavioral changes because they experience new things like the dog treadmill or the dog door.  Some dogs learn how to play, some lose their fear of other dogs & most leave more confident.   spaniel_small
                              Daycare Rates    

        Part-time Daycare:  1 - 4 daycare visits a week:  $16 each          
                     Full-time Daycare:  Monthly Rate:  $280

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